Water Dance


I like to challenge myself and try new things. I always wanted to do a photo shoot that features the Arts, like music or dance, but thinking outside the box. I love seeing the passion someone has for what they do and to showcase it through pictures.

Today was an opportunity to photograph the talented Miss Kate in her ballet gear, but not in the typical dancer’s environment but on the beautiful stage nature has to offer. We chose Somersby Falls as our location. After all the heavy rain we had in the weeks prior to this shoot, the power of the water crashing would create a nice contrast to the elegance of the ballet poses. Plus, the waterfalls just make for a perfect background.

Hats off to our dancer for being such a professional! The environment was quite challenging; we had to make sure none of her gear (or ours) got wet, and we also had to find a suitable spot for her dancing (as suitable as an uneven rock surface could be…). Kate was amazing, very patient and just kept on going with a smile on her face. She even managed to deliver a few jumps on this rough terrain. Thanks to her work we had a hard time choosing only a few photos for our Blog!














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