A short break in Italy


We finally enjoyed our long awaited holiday! During our time in Europe we had a few days in Appiano, South Tyrol, Italy. This is a beautiful area known for their fruit trees and vineyards, using even the steepest of hills to grow their crops.

My wife used to holiday here quite a lot as a child and holds fond memories. We enjoyed trying to locate places she had visited and also making our own memories. Our daughter especially loved spotting the countless old castles and mini tractors along the way. The tractor to car ratio seems to be quite even in that area, but they never ceased to amaze her. One day, at a different time of year, we will have to come back to the mountains to grant her wish to see snow and build a snowman.

The fresh air and peacefulness of the area was enabling us to recharge our batteries a bit. We got to try the local produce, and as we both aren’t wine drinkers, we enjoyed the best apple juice and fresh apples we had had in a long time. Plus, Italian pizza simply can’t be beat and that alone is worth the long travel.

Here are just a few impressions. Feeling the travel bug yet?














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