Hannah & Jordan – 09.12.2017, Yaruga picnic area & Wagstaffe Hall

Hannah and Jordan got married at a beautiful spot in Rumbalara Reserve, Springfield. They had asked us to capture them and their bridal parties whilst getting ready at separate locations before the ceremony. This is always a nice opportunity to photograph bride and groom individually and with their bridal parties.

Both bridal parties were so relaxed, no pre-wedding jitters in sight. They simply enjoyed themselves – as they should! The boys in particular were so laid back that they seemed too concerned for a guy on TV being booked by the RBT to worry about the wedding ceremony coming up!

Both wedding parties then made their entrance to the ceremony in a beautiful retro VW bus. A short and sweet ceremony was followed by family photos and a few bridal shots, before we started heading down to the reception.

Family and friends were still putting their final touches on the decorations of Wagstaffe Hall, which looked beautiful. Hannah and Jordan had done most of the things themselves – from the flowers, to writing their vows to decorating the hall. Hats off to that!

We finished photographing just before dinner (mobile pizza- yum!) was served. We hope that you enjoyed the rest of your reception, Hannah and Jordan! It was a pleasure being part of your day, and we wish you all the best for your future together.

Smithers Photography-Mowday-10

Smithers Photography-Mowday-14

Smithers Photography-Mowday-35

Smithers Photography-Mowday-38

Smithers Photography-Mowday-51

Smithers Photography-Mowday-70

Smithers Photography-Mowday-93


Smithers Photography-Mowday-79

Smithers Photography-Mowday-96

Smithers Photography-Mowday-381

Smithers Photography-Mowday-175

Smithers Photography-Mowday-360

Smithers Photography-Mowday-376

Smithers Photography-Mowday-375

Smithers Photography-Mowday-373

Smithers Photography-Mowday-371

Smithers Photography-Mowday-368

Smithers Photography-Mowday-480

Smithers Photography-Mowday-485

Smithers Photography-Mowday-408

Smithers Photography-Mowday-393

Smithers Photography-Mowday-390



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